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9 Ways to Get All Play-Store Paid Apps for Free Download on Android

Nowadays, the king of the mobile operating system is Android. Most of the people use android mobile phone. Android was created by Google. So on every phone, we see many apps and features which are also created by Google. Play Store is one of them. It is a mobile apps store, helps us to install many kinds of applications. We can install any app from it. Because most of the app is free. But some of these are paid or premium. Then what we do if we are poor android users?

Today's I'm sharing that 9 lways to get all play store paid apps for free download on android rooted and without rooted phones. And it wouldn’t the cause of jailbreak.

Actually, people of all classes want everything free. It's a human habit. Now, the question is how to get premium apps for free download and install it on the android mobile phone? Most of the premium or paid apps are hackable and we can install these for free. And it’s not hard, so easy. Let's go to know.

Get Paid Apps Free

We can get paid or premium apps by third-party apps or we can download the crack version from google.

Which are the best third-party apps to download all play-store paid apps for free download on Unrooted android phone?

I suggest 5 Apps for unrooted android. For these apps, Root is not required.
1. Aptoid
Aptoid is a simple app. Download it, install it and search for any apps. You can find many premium apps in Aptoid, but all apps are not available here. Users upload these hacked and cracked versions of apps. So that we could download pro apps for free. You can download simple pro apps from Aptoid. Ex: Retouch, Puffin pro, etc.

2. AppSara
AppSara is a toolkit package. And it is one of the best apps to get paid apps without root and without wasting money. It allows hacking the apps to make free in-app purchases. You can easily hack your favorite games and apps. You can bypass the payment system. And without spending money you can buy coins, gems, money, etc.AppSara can hacks almost every game and use it to upgrade games level.

3. GetAPK Market
GetAPK Market is another app which provides to download paid apps without any cost money. This app is lightweight. Only 1 MB! It contains a large number of applications.

4. CreeHack
Creehack is an app that can hack any games in 30 minutes to 2 hours. Simply write the games name with "mod" word. And click on OK. It will start its hacking can hack server games like Clash of Clans. Almost every game is hackable with CreeHack.

5. Leo PlayCard
Leo PlayCard is used to crack and hack in-app purchases games. It can not hack server games. This app hack games with a fake credit card. You should not save your real credit card in the Play Store. After all, it does not work with all games.

Which are the best third-party apps to download premium apps for free on Rooted Android phone?

Root means something special and easier. Rooted Android can hack any paid apps with some third-party apps.
Here, I suggest 4 apps for rooted android.
1. Lucky Patcher
Lucky patcher works in unrooted and rooted both. But it is special for rooted android phones. You can hack in-app purchases, modify apps, disable ads, modify app permissions, create the backup, remove license verification, crate modified APK with lucky patcher. But some games and apps are not hackable. By the way, you should try this app.

2. URET Patcher
URET Patcher is the same as Lucky Patcher. It can patche apps with its custom patches. It can verify the license, backups, uninstallation, APK restoration and cache cleaning, etc.

3. Freedom APK
Freedom is a hacking tool that allows unlocking premium features without any charge or any cost. It is completely free. This app uses its own fake credit card to hack games. Bypassing payment method, you can buy gems, tools or coins without paying money.

4. Cheat Droid
Cheat Droid will make modded apps and games for you. It allows us to modify some of the parameters. It also helps to find debugs security breaches of apps. And it offers in-app purchases.

How to install third-party apps?

These third-party apps are not secure by android. But you want to install it.
To solve the installation problem -

1. Go to settings.

2. Click on the "Security" option.

3. Then find "Unknown Sources" and turn ON.

Almost every apps and game are hackable. I hope you get the answer to this question - the best apps to download play-store paid apps for free on android rooted and without rooted phones. But we should buy these premium apps. Because many developers worked hard to make amazing apps and games. We should respect their hard work.