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100% Working Trick to Use Mobile Internet on Airplane Mode in 2020

It is awesome if you want to know the 100% working trick to use the internet on Airplane Mode in 2020. But how can it possible to do it on a phone? It is so easy task. Today's I'm writing about it with 7 steps and these necessary screenshots. Android phone has a lot of features and it is useful to all. Because Android is an open-source project, users can modify it. Here is the trick to access the internet in airplane mode? How to use mobile internet in flight mode on android? How to access the internet in aeroplane mode on Samsung mobiles?  Today's trick is not workable in all smartphones, also in Samsung phone. Carefully listen to my friend, this trick of today’s article is only for the android operating system. Yes, this trick is only for android users.
But why the trick works only in Android phone? We may use Apple OS or Windows OS. But do you know that it is an open-source operating system ? Apple and Windows are not the open-source operating system.

That means, we can…

100% Working Facebook ID Verification Tricks in 2020 - Step by Step

All of us want to know about the ID verification trick of Facebook. We need an identification card for account verification. Especially, we want to know how to make a fake id card to recover Facebook accounts using an android phone.

Some people use online fake ID card generator, fake Facebook ID generator, and fake card templates. But believe me, these are not workable.

I am writing about it. Then you can learn to make any kind of ID card including NID, Business ID, School ID, Make fake ID card, etc. Facebook ID Verification TricksThere are many causes of disabling FB account. *Maybe you used a fake name or stylish name. Maybe you used an auto bot liker/reactor/comment site.

Otherwise, you have been reported by anyone (your enemy).

There are many spammers, they use many ways to disable an account. Facebook improving their security day by day. So that users cannot use fake accounts.

Fake accounts are harmful to FB authority. They don't want fake IDs. For that sometimes they lock our…

10 Best Android Car Racing Games with Controller Support in 2020

Young or old both of us like to play racing games and car games. The craziest game lovers want extra features always. So some of them make enjoyment more with controller/VR/joystick. Android users like to play free APK games with controller support and iOS users like to play iOS games with controller support. Joystick or controller support makes the game more realistic and interesting.
By the way, I'm writing about the 10 best android car racing games with controller support (gamepad support) in 2020. Controller Supported Top 10 Android Car Racing Games List1. Hill Climb Racing According to the number of total players, this is the number one car racing game. Hill Climb Racing has two versions. You can try two of them. Though, the old version is more popular than the newest one. In these games, you can play with many cars and tractors in the challenging hilly roads. Total Download: 9M+
Released on: 2012
Reviews: 4.4 ✪
Watch Demo 2. Asphalt 8: Airborne Gameloft made many games that hit man…

9 Steps to Turn Off Life360 without Anyone Knowing in 2020

What's Up? You may want to know about the way of making the fake location in the life360 app to make someone fool.
Do you want to know that how to use fake GPS location and temporary turn off life360 tracker app without anyone/parents knowing or noticing? I'm writing the 9 steps to turn of Life360 GPS tracker without anyone knowing. Just read this carefully. We are in the technological world, love to use technology. GPS system is one of the best inventory of the technological world. We use GPS to find ourselves on the earth map.

Sometimes this helpful GPS system can be our problem.
Suppose, you are using life360 or family360 or any other location-sharing apps. So that your office boss or your parents can get your real-time location.

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Best Android Car Racing Games with Controller Support
What is Life360 App? life360 is one of the best location-sharing apps at present. In this app, you can make members group (circle). every group member can show each other real-time loc…

5 Steps to Go Live on Tiktok with Android Phone in 2020

Nowadays, TikTok is being a trending Android Apps, an easy way to become popular. Almost all of its users enjoy it and agree to consider, TikTok an app worthy of being a celebrity.  Now we'll teach you How to go live stream on TikTok so easily in 2020. Just follow the below here.
What should you need before Livestream1 Your profile needs to have at least 1000 followers. 2 The age of Livestream needs to be at least 16. 3 The age for taking "Virtual gifts" need to be over 18. Now let's see How to go Live on TikTok step by step.Step-1: Tap the + icon Open the TikTok apps on your Android phone. You will stay at the Home of TikTok. Then, first of all, tap the + icon shown in the screenshot above. Step-2: Tap to Live After tap the + icon, TikTok will take you in camera. There is two way to shut video. You'll find + and Live option at the bottom of your screen. Then tap the Live. This will take you to live stream. Tips: If you do not find the Li…

4 Best Facebook Games for Group to Play with Friends in 2020

Hey, do you passing your great times with friends in messenger? You may search for the 4 best Facebook games for groups to play with your friends in 2020. So your solution is here.
Great Facebook games for GroupIn this era, every one of us likes to chat with friends using Messenger or WhatsApp or any chatting application.

If you are a game lover, then you should be attracted to play great messenger games with your buddies. It’s simple.

There are many interesting fun games in messenger for single player. But a few games are can be played in groups.

Here is the question. Which are the great games for Facebook groups? I have a list of great games. Top 4 Facebook Group Games Ideas (Shortcut list) 1. Ludo Club 2. UNO 3. Chess 4. Carrom Club 1. Ludu Club It's a very popular game among players. It has been played a total of 8million times in messenger, a huge number of players.

Amazing? This game provides the best smooth gameplay with friends. You can earn points, and through t…

30 Best Android Games with Controller Support in 2020

Today's topic is the best game with controller support. Human beings always want to spend an enjoyable time. So they created many ways of recreation. Today's I'm writing the list of all best android (racing, action, RPG, arcade, shooter, adventure, strategy, puzzle) games. And these games support android tv/controller/joystick/gamepad in 2018, 2019, 2020!! So they created many ways of recreation. In ancient times, outdoor games or sports were the way of recreation. They discovered many kinds of sports like football, cricket, hockey, etc. They improved the sports system day by day.
But in this digital era, peoples have not only sports that play physically. We created a lot of games that can play on our mobile and computer. Interesting? The more interesting news is we can play some android games with controller support.

©PixaBay However, android is the most popular operating system at present. So I'm writing about controller supported (joystick supported) android game…

How to Edit APK Files on PC in 2020 - Complete Guide with Tutorial

Most of us who are use smartphones are familiar with the name APK. Actually, APK is a package file format for Android that takes up space by RAM through installation and is used on smartphones. The full meaning of APK is the Android Package Kit. But what if we could edit the APK file? I know you're here to find it. Of course, you want to edit the android application on your computer. so today’s I’m writing about how to edit APK files on pc with a tutorial. How to edit an APK file on pc? APK files editing in windows pc or computer.Most mobile application editing work is possible with the android operating system. Android is an open-source OS. It’s easy to edit this operating system too. To edit an android file, the android phone is enough for mass people. But some of us want to edit the files more gorgeously. For this, we need desktop support.
Here is the complete guide of APK editor with some editing tasks (APK editor's tutorial). I have added the best APK editors/APK modifier …